The 20/21 season affirms a desire for a profound transformation.
Aesthetics feed on strange imaginary worlds, flirting with digital, dream-like realities.
New hybrids of genres, materials and styles generate surprising and fundamental innovations.
Colors open themselves to luminescence and movement.

YELL-OH! Fall/Winter 2020 / 2021 collection,
called “The unexpected” is re-examining the organic magic found in the 1980s.
The technological revolution and the cultural phenomena of the decade that have
once transformed the way we live, are inspiring this season’s aesthetics.

A new take on streetwear, an old-school attitude, some soft-volumes and a portion of
magic light blend together to create an unforeseen collection for the coolest boys and girls.
The color pallet consists of mysterious depths, cyber tenderness and nocturnal lights.
Purple, emerald and ink are the highlights of the season. Black is always here
and the greys keep their role as a must winter color.

YELL-OH! Fall/Winter 2020/2021 collection is a springboard to freedom,
a call for kids to keep differentiating themselves to what is already known and expected!

(Season color list: Emerald potion, Grey charm, Cosmic Ink,
Dusky Orchid, Dusty Mint, Midnight Blue, Misty Rose, Red, Black)

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